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Your rights as a taxi customer

Fast and, above all, safe — that’s how we want you to experience Cologne in our taxis. You can expect to find a vehicle that is clean and well-tended both inside and out. And that goes for the driver as well. In addition, it’s always good to know exactly what rights you have as a taxi customer.

Taxis are obliged to transport you

Whether you get into a taxi at a taxi stand or hail an available one on the street, the driver is obliged to take you if you are within the Cologne city limits or in the entire mandatory coverage area*. That also applies to very short trips. It does not apply if you pose a danger to the driver or other taxi occupants.

Taxis transport you for a fixed fare

As long as the trip is within Cologne city limits or the mandatory coverage area, you can be sure you will be transported for the currently applicable price. A price list will be clearly visible inside the taxi. Before the driver starts up the taxi, he will also switch on the taxi meter. Only if you are traveling outside the mandatory coverage area can you negotiate an individual fare with the driver.

You determine the route

When you step into the taxi, the driver will ask you where you want to go. He will then drive to your destination along the shortest route, unless you express special wishes concerning the route — for example, if you wish to pick someone up along the way.

At a taxi stand you can choose the taxi you want

At many taxi stands you will see several taxis standing in a row. As a customer, you can freely choose whichever taxi you want to ride in. You are in no way obligated to get into the first taxi in the row.

In a taxi, your wishes count

You are the one who decides where you sit in the taxi, whether the windows should be open or closed, and whether the air-conditioning should be switched on. You are also the one who decides whether music should be playing in the taxi and, if so, how loud it should be. Incidentally, taxis are generally non-smoking areas.

*The mandatory coverage area of Cologne taxis

Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Leverkusen, Solingen, Neuss (Rhine district), Rhine-Erft district, Rheinisch Bergischer district, the towns of Monheim, Langenfeld, Hilden, Haan, Erkrath and Mettmann in Mettmann district, Euskirchen, Zülpich or Weilerswist (Euskirchen district), Rhine-Sieg district except for the towns of Windeck, Eitorf and Ruppichteroth.