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Specials for an additional fee

Many services are included in the price of your transport via the Cologne taxi fleet. We will also be happy to provide you with additional services for a small additional fee.

Payment by credit card

Most customers pay for their taxi rides in cash, but in many taxis it’s also possible to pay by credit card for the small additional fee of €1. Before you enter the taxi, ask the driver weather it’s possible to pay by credit card, or indicate that you wish to pay by credit card when you order the taxi.


If you’re traveling in a group of up to eight people, you’re best off ordering one of our minivans. For a group of five people or more, you will be asked to pay a small additional fee of €6.00 per trip.

A lifesaver for your car

You’ve been to a party and don’t want to drive home, but you don’t want to leave your car behind either. In this case, simply call us on 2882. We’ll send you a taxi with two drivers. The taxi will take you home, and the second driver will safely drive your car home. This special taxi service will cost you a bit more. We will charge you about three times the regular price for the route in question.