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From a mere purchasing cooperative for fuel, one of the largest taxi centres in Germany has developed. In 1937, several entrepreneurs founded TAXI RUF Köln eG. Today, the cooperative represents 800 entrepreneurs with about 1,100 taxis and around 3,000 drivers. Every year, two million driving jobs are arranged via the head office.

Since the 1970s, light ivory has become the standard colour for taxis in Germany. In North Rhine-Westphalia, i.e. also in Cologne, the standard colour is still valid today. The yellow and black roof sign with the inscription “TAXI” is also mandatory. The cars of TAXI RUF Köln eG are an integral part of Cologne’s streetscape and are part of the local public transport system. For this reason, taxi companies within the so-called compulsory travel area do not set their own prices. They are calculated according to a fixed tariff set by the City Council of Cologne. Only outside the compulsory travel area can customers and drivers negotiate prices freely.